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Is Your Neuron Broke by Anthony Engel. 201 pages.

This book was written for those people interested in examining new and creative ways of managing their mental health.

Read about real people who share their stories about broken neurons and how these are reflected on the outside.

They talk about their depression, anxiety, PTSD, obesity, addictions and more, and are surprised to learn that by modifying neurons in the brain, changes are made in mood and behaviour as well.

The brain is an amazing organ and can actually change itself to suit its environment and it can make repairs along the way, when needed. This is called Neuroplasticity.

In this book, you will learn how to tap into the mind and access your inner workings of the brain, in particular, your neurons and neural networks, with the aim of getting hold of these brain cells and making positive changes where necessary.

This book is easy to read and is written in a creative and story-telling format.

Sometimes you have to go inside to free yourself on the outside.

Where Counselling meets Neuroscience.

Are any of your neurons broke?

Sometimes you need to go inside to free yourself on the outside...

A Revolutionary Way to Manage Your Mental Health.

This is where Counselling Meets Neuroscience

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